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of the Antebellum

This series of portraits started as a challenge to get me back into a drawing practice after having my son. For some time now I have been wanting to create a series of portraits celebrating mothers and women who have created space and advocated for the equal rights and liberation of people from the African Diaspora. 

From this series my goal initially was to make 31 portraits for each day in March for Woman's history Month. Although I stopped at 21 I still plan to find the time to finish the last 10. 

I have 2 goals for this body of work. Goal number one is to create a series of NFT's to be sold on the XRP Ledger. Goal number two is to make a series of  ceramic wall clocks with these images, in hopes that I will be able to secure a solo show. The show would be titled

Time is up: Women of the Antebellum. 

Corretta Scott King


Mamie till


Shirley Chisholm 


Afina Shakur


Betty Shabazz


Frances Harper


Louise little


Assata Shakur


Nannie Helen Burroughs 


Jeanne Vialle

Untitled - March 12, 2022 20.23.37.jpg

Anna Julia Haywood Cooper 

Anna Cooper.jpg

Sonya Renee taylor 

Untitled - February 18, 2022 21.30.20.jpg

Maria W. Stewart

Untitled - March 18, 2022 10.08.38.jpg

Luiza Helena De Bairros 

Untitled - March 14, 2022 19.22.01.jpg

Erica Garner 

Untitled - March 18, 2022 20.58.25.jpg

Paulette Nardal 

Untitled - March 21, 2022 12.17.36.jpg

Laura Kofi

Untitled - March 12, 2022 17.01.16.jpg

Amy Ashwood Garvey 

Untitled - March 22, 2022 10.54.04.jpg

Amy Euphemia Jacques Garvey

Untitled - March 9, 2022 16.58.06.jpg

Mary Ann Shadd Cary 

Untitled - March 9, 2022 19.24.28.jpg

maria Felipa De Oliveira

Maria felipa de oliveira
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